KU BALLS Grand Reopening

As the nation begins to take baby-steps out of its pandemic shut-down, the team here at KU BALLS readies itself to once again welcome visitors (masked visitors, that is – at least for the near future). In anticipation of this day, KU BALLS wisely used the past year to not only continue its hunt for relevant, historical artifacts ranging from garage sales to Sotheby’s auctions to archaeological excavations of abandoned gyms, but by also “refreshing” the museum space to provide for an improved experience. Celebrity organizer, TV host and bestselling author Marie Kondo helped with this effort, though admittedly it was frustrating to have to constantly keep her focused on the job-at-hand instead of browsing KU BALLS’ vast catalog of memorabilia.

Kondo’s initial report read, “This all brings me joy – I recommend to not change a thing.” Although we took pride in her assessment, we insisted that she look at KU BALLS as her most challenging assignment and to do what she could – especially since she was contractually obligated to provide content for the Netflix documentary team that accompanied her…

Fortunately, Kondo redoubled her efforts and helped KU BALLS better organize its extensive collection. These changes definitely provided a “cleaner” look, but without sacrificing opportunities for visitors to browse the assortment of Jayhawk memorabilia. Kondo even contributed to the self-guided walking tour recording, detailing her thought process as she worked to complement the KU BALLS experience.

We hope you enjoy this sneak peek of the refreshed KU BALLS and look forward to hosting you on your next visit. In the meantime, please be on the lookout for Kondo’s KU BALLS Netflix special set to premiere later this year.

Rock Chalk!

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