KU BALLS Digital Experience

With college basketball season having recently wrapped up, KU BALLS management took the opportunity of the break in action to update the inventory list and make sure security-tracking sensors on each of the items were installed with the latest software downloads. KU BALLS also made some minor changes to the items currently on display and you can see the refreshed look, above.

Inspired by the detailed listing of items from the popular “Slumbering Jayhawk” portrait, KU BALLS also decided to do something similar with its current attractions (after removing most of the duplicate items from display, of course). Although thousands visit KU BALLS each month, we recognize that not everyone is able to work such a pilgrimage into their busy lives and are pleased to offer a digital experience of the museum:

KU BALLS may also provide the audio tour for download (for only a nominal fee) in the future, but obviously the full experience can only truly be enjoyed by visiting the museum in-person. The memorabilia serves as a touch point for the rich history of Kansas basketball, and our knowledgeable staff is world-renowned for their ability to seemingly transport visitors back in time, as if sharing the hardwood with the Jayhawk legends of yesterday.

Until you are able to make your arrangements for such a visit however, please enjoy the KU BALLS Digital Experience. Rock Chalk!

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