It’s Official – KU BALLS Is On The Move!

You read that headline correctly – KU BALLS is moving!

Technically, our purchase of the new house museum space and sale of our current house museum space are both pending, but as of yesterday we’ve come to agreement on the various items that came up on both inspections.

Later this summer KU BALLS will be moving around eight miles to the west to ultimately find its home to be a ten minute walk from the shores of the Puget Sound – in fact, the legions of visitors to KU BALLS will soon be able to watch the ferries as they arrive/leave the docks from our windows while they peruse our numerous Jayhawk basketball artifacts.


(Actual view may vary…)

In addition, the available space KU BALLS will have dedicated to Kansas hoop history will approximately double, allowing for even more items to be showcased. Watch out, Booth Family Hall of Athletics – KU BALLS is gaining on you!

Amazingly, despite the improvements in both location and size, the admission price to KU BALLS will not change!

We look forward to hosting you in our new location beginning this August, with our exact, grand-reopening date TBD. In the meantime, KU BALLS’ curators and historians will be carefully packing our numerous artifacts in preparation for our move, and we are excited to soon be displaying them in their new home!



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