1953 Kansas Conference Championship Jewelry

A few weeks ago KU handed out the 2013 Big 12 championship rings to the players. As you can see, they were quite large & impressive:


60 years ago in 1953, KU went 19-6, won the Big 7 conference, and finished runner-up in the NCAA championship game to Indiana by a point (as an aside, B.H. Born became the first player from a non-winning team to win the tournament’s most outstanding player award, a feat repeated a few years later by Wilt Chamberlain). Players from that 1953 squad received watches commemorating their outstanding season, and I thought it would be interesting to show how championship jewelry separated by six decades compare to each other:


In case the picture is hard to make out, the inscription on the back reads: “Big ‘7’ Champs, NCAA Finalists 1953, Jack Wolfe”

Yes, the original band is fairly thin, more along the lines of a current, woman’s style, and KU’s rings from this season are probably about the same size as the actual watch.

That being said though, the 60 year old watch still works and keeps time as long as you wind it up frequently.

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