KU Basketball Cards and The Wiggins Effect

KU BALLS has a collection of rookie cards of many of the legends that played at KU. Up until now however, all cards were NBA rookie cards – August’s edition of Sports Illustrated for Kids includes Andrew Wiggins’ first card, commemorating his rookie/freshman year as a Jayhawk.

It’s been interesting to see the hype around Wiggins and his ability (simply pull up just about any basketball site and there will be a multitude of articles), but it’s also been interesting to read about the hype around his memorabilia. The NCAA investigation of Johnny Manziel has forced KU to reevaluate its autograph policy (something that KU BALLS thinks is an over-reaction, but will wait to see what the final decision is) and presumably lightened the team managers’ laundry loads with the selling of Wiggins’ practice gear. In more mainstream, collectible news, Wiggins SI card is apparently a fairly hot item.

When I first heard that Wiggins had a card in the SI for Kids, I thought that – living in Seattle – getting a copy of the magazine would be fairly easy to do. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Stores such as Barnes & Noble apparently sold out quickly, and copies of the magazines along with individual cards started popping up for rather high prices – for over $30. The prices have currently cooled and come down somewhat, but I assume that they will spike again when Late Night in the Phog rolls around on October 4 and the college basketball season kicks off. At that point, the value of the card (as well as other memorabilia) will be more “objectively” tied to Wiggins’ actual performance as opposed to just his hype & potential.

Regardless of how things turn out, it’s been fun to revel in the Wiggins Wildness since he announced he was coming to KU back in May. The buzz and attention made the usually dead summer months (for college hoops, that is) very fun. Well, I could have done without an equal number of articles trumpeting Kentucky’s freshmen class, but I digress. As the time of anticipation & dreaming ends and the season is set to begin, KU BALLS is happy to include Andrew Wiggins in its Kansas basketball card collection.


Here’s hoping that Andrew Wiggins’ SI for Kids card ends up being like Tiger Woods’ card, and due to tremendous play sells for $125,000. Tremendous play on the court, that is…

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