1988 NCAA Champions Signed Basketball

Pictured here is a basketball signed by the 1988 title team, outlined by a Kansan and championship shirt reprint (sadly, my original shirt was worn so often that the CDC whisked it away for quarantine in a biocontainment level four facility).

Shown in the picture are Danny Manning’s and Jeff Gueldner’s autographs, but most of the team & coaches’ signatures are on the ball (includng Larry Brown, Milt Newton, Chris Piper, Kevin Pritchard, Clint Normore, Scooter Berry, Archie Marshall, etc).


The only high-profile member of the championship squad that didn’t sign the ball? Detroit Greyhound driver Jimmy Dunlap who was flown by the superstitious Brown to ferry the team in KC. KU BALLS will remain ever-vigilant in its attempt to secure artifacts related to this Jayhawk legend.

4 thoughts

    1. #816-372-5172. I have a signed basketball from 1988 team as well. I’m just curious how much it could be worth. Thanks.

      1. I’ve seen them pop up on eBay every now and then and they seem to go anywhere from $500-$1000. If you by chance had a nice ball that was signed – one that is intended for display and not just a regular ball like I have in this post – you could probably add a few hundred more to the value.

  1. Anyone have a 1988 signed championship basketball for sale?? Would prefer it to be with some form of provenance or COA.

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