KU BALLS Virtual Museum Virtual Addition – 2013-2014 Expectations

It’s been over a week since Andrew Wiggins committed to KU. This is such a big signing that the major sports websites still have stories & columns on their front pages (okay, college basketball front pages, but it’s still impressive, even for the off-season). KU leaped from being ranked 20+ in the Way, Way Too Early Top 25 Rankings to the top five. That’s a pretty impressive jump based solely on our signing this year’s Biggest Recruit Ever, so to say that there is a certain amount of anticipation to see Wiggins play is a bit of an understatement. This guy even talks about how KU’s incoming freshman class is one of the greatest of all time.

As of now, expectations for Wiggins’ first game will be met only if he levitates from the locker room, changes soda into wine, pens one more season of Breaking Bad, while handing out iPhones from the year 2030. Luckily, as someone that’s been a KU fan their entire life, my expectations are more tempered and based in reality…


Good hotel rooms are still available – See you in Dallas!

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